May 6. 2010

New Mom or Mommy To Be?





Come to Happy and Healthy Momís Nite Out May 6, 2010

A Key National Momís Nite Out event


Date: MAY 6, 2010

Day: Thursday

Time: 6:30pm-10:00pm

Cost: Admission is FREE!

Place: The Red Tent

20 S. Swinton Avenue

Delray Beach, FL 33444










3881 W State Rd 84

Unit 205

Davie, FL 33312

To contact us:

Phone: 305-647-9275


button150x150Miami Maternity Center

Hereís your chance to treat yourself or someone you know to a night on the town, just in time for Motherís Day.


Our guests get the VIP treatment at our ďMommy Expo.Ē Here you will find all the things meant to pamper YOU for a change & all under one roof. Weíre talking massages, facials, hairdos, swag bags, portraits, doorprizes, discounts, samples, complimentary Preggatinisô, swag from BABIES the movie, and so much more!! What makes it great is it is all SAFE and geared towards pregnant and new moms.†††


Plus, this event is one of only 10 Key National Momís Nite Out events across the country that will livestream on MomTV!!! Yes, you might have the opportunity to be featured on

national online TV.†