May 6. 2010


Text Box: Like most great events, our MOM DAY events would not be possible without great volunteers. All volunteers have a chance to receive a free t-shirt (limited quantity), 5 extra raffle tickets, & a special volunteer discount pass. 

We need volunteers for the following positions:
Registration Desk (2 volunteers)- Responsible for checking in attendees, dispensing raffle tickets & glam bags, and providing information regarding event to attendees. Minor pre-event training required.  Only one volunteer must remain at the desk at all times, so volunteers can alternate to participate in various activities and the expo.
Set-Up/ Decoration (2 volunteers)- Responsible for setting up tables, assisting with any decorations, arranging anything that needs to be set-up.

Clean-Up/ Breakdown (2 volunteers)- Responsible for cleaning up after the event and breaking down anything requiring this service. Making sure that all garbage is in bags and that garbage bags are placed in appropriate area. 

Drink Service (4 volunteers)- Serve Preggatinis. Loaner shirt will be provided for this position.

Attendee Assistants (2 volunteers)- Assist attendees with finding parking areas, assist those requiring additional help to walk up stairs, direct attendees to different area within the expo. Be readily available for questions. Minor pre-event training required.

Giftbag Stuffers (5 volunteers)- Approx. 1 week prior to the event, collect materials to fill 30 giftbags and make sure all gift bags have one of each filler unless otherwise specified. Transport the 30 giftbags to the venue on the day of the event.

Web Cam (up to 7 volunteers)- We need someone to man the webcam for the livestreaming footage on MomTV. You can set-up shifts with other people. Shirt not included.

3881 W State Rd 84

Unit 205

Davie, FL 33312

To contact us:

Phone: 305-647-9275


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